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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're going to climb into thet( upper 50s, a hard freeze is possible and valley snowfall. lots to talk abvó+ in your full forecast. w3 we have a crash. one lane is blocked as you're making your way over the bay bridge. we'll give you those two w3upda3 coming çóup. zlrngtsi] a life look outside ts morning. this is "today incoç the bay."ó very good morning took t(yo. i'm laura okgarcia. >>w3 firefighters had to rush o of a burning buivp to set up a collapse zone. this building is in south boston not far from the boston children's museum.
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firefighters say it appears that nobody was inside. the apartment was underñi destruction. parts of the building were ,ude open. >> i believe it's being xd reconstructed to put in micro housing units. >> this huge firelpxdçó is knoc down at this point, butt( firefighters still making a sweep to see if the building is safe enough to bring in vestigators.oç time for one sonoma county supervisors who are appointing a task force toda).dçó they will recommend a prosenseep access next year for an independent citizen's review of currently theyt( work toxd prov beyond a reasonable doubt that
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there was a justified shooting. drop his replica rifle before shoots. a woman has been demanded to q lopez. they say thatok by not charging him she's not upholding her xd oath. a search for a man and hcsñ family ramping up this morning. bob +ridell is in san jose whe the strip originallytoqyrejtt t searchers in iowa will resumee1 their search for dale smith and that were in his single engine beachoke1 bonanza.
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ñdisappeared around 3:30 near the town of yellow pine, iowa. it's a dense forest in that area. he was flying hise1 family from otherwise where they spent the thanksgiving holde1 day when smith, seen here in a photofrom his facebook page, radioed an engine failure. he needed the coordinates for a grass xvqi%a9ñ the five people on board, all members of the smith family apparently never made it to that airstrip. what is not sclaer if he was able to put the plain down safely elsewhere. there has been noe1 signal fromn emergencyxd beacon. they havet( been able to detect somew3 cell phonew3 activity on
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ridge near that airport. searches were grounded yesterday because of snow and low clouds. >> bob,e1 thank t(you. a ranch handñi accusedok of trying to drown aeiuppy and it's owner is beingçó arraigned toda. he subpoena said to have entered a womans home and tried to force water downxd a dog's throughout. he tried to strangle and drown her at well. the two didok not know each oth. >> a suspected thief is in jail in morning accused of trying to rip off apple. glenn cart7jgu stole copper from the company's new headquarters that is under t( construction. saturday night the security guards noticed an open gate. when they searched the grounds,
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they found him hiding in the bushes. he refused to come out until c dog came. áñ he removed thelg copper piping and wiring frome1 the building. secret swetreet sweepers ar to the streets today to protest contracting the service out. they will discuss the cost sezg plan tonight. if contracting out, sweeping would be reduced toe1 once ever other week. the latest proposal comes as the acting city auditor reported mismanagement for undergrounde1 utilities. sunny t(vale's cityxd couns will meet to determine howt( th 49ers new stadiumok will affect the e1city. there will be room for publicc
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comments at the end of the meeting. at 5:45 tonight. if you haven't seen it lately, it's just huge. we want to check in now with christina loren, she has a forecast you'll wante1 to plan r this week. >> south bay looking good.çó once you start to see that sun make an appearance, it will be mostly cloudy conditions. a warm front is pushing in as we spea%p so right now your temperatures talking about brutal cold as we th next couple mornings. it will be pretty frigid out there. we will just see cold air pumping on shore just about all day long. make sure even though it's not that cold to start that you ua"o bring you winter gear to work or
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we have a windchisa factor and it will increase in the next couple hours. starting from north to south, by about 10:00óna.m., we'ree1 clocg as we gofá throughout the day wd will play a factor. a cold, blustery, winnery feel 1 day. as wet( go throughout the day today,túqemperatures will climb into the 50s,w3q andw3 that's aó it. 56 degrees in mid market areasc 57 degrees, i'm going to let you know when the upper 40s can be expected as highs and when we might get valley level snowfall. more rain on the way, we could see flurries out of this snow system. let's check your drive. >> thank you, folks.q we'ree1 lookin'y over here frome toll plazañiñi west. traffic moves very smoothly. cf1 o
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on the approach, it looks like ( truckçó ran into a cement divid. they just pull that truck back down. and it will be an issue until a toe truck cane1 arrive in the nt few minutes. the number shouldt( handle the capacity all right. they move smoothly across the ban themselves. it's a good throw of traffic there.cú cf1 o
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have completed the earthquake retro fit work that will end the late delays. since march theree1 have 10 to minute e1delays from rookland t san francisco. theyxde1 finishedxd welding fou steed.z bart officials sayjfáhey will start the final stages making i1 stronger ande1ok safer. e1 freemonthw6getting into t public ñispirit. !a cel. they will have latkas, e1coffee and tea. it's 5:09. how fans for one college football game nets him more than
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$24,000. >> a billboard controversy brewing in sacramento. and caught on camera, the coast guard jumps into action to rescue a stranded kayaker. the video is coming up.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks...
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and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at welcome back, everyone. good tuesday morning to you. congress is engaged in an 11th our debate trying to renew a 25-year-old prohibition against plastic guns. (te the qrepublican-led house will vote on a ten-year extensinm of a ban set to expire on monday night.t @o cf1 o thei] senate is still on break d to house proposal that day to keep
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with 3-d printers now available to print guns and gun parts, guó advocates say it is essentialñ the ban be extended. today, charities hope you will busyness on the food bank program being cut. it goes down to $36 a month per1 family. >> we could eat three days on $36. >> families are making ends meet by going to a fad pantry once a month to get a free work's worth of groceu>ñiçó three years ago 37 milli were served by food banks. apppw makes another purchae buying the san francisco topsy,
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they reportedly paid more thanñ $200 million that analyzeslp twitter streams for consumer apple may be dipping it's toes back into the social media field. in 2010 it created ping that folded after a flat performance. >> let's get a check of theñi is the markets. good morning.lp how are you doing?ó?(t&háhp& fut are lower afteri] stocks closed down on monday.çólp investors taking a?; cautious stance ahead of friday's report. european markets are firmly in the red this morning, on monday, the dow closing down 77 points to close at 16009, the nasdaqt(
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thee1 nation's largest student loan companiesjf are being examined to make sure borrowers are being treatedxd fairly. student loan debt tops $1.2 trillion. wow. hampton, thank you. a college student made about ok $24,000 thanks to a sign he waved on[ñ çóespn's college ga day. 4q-át kid says hi, mom, send bi coin. people spent the time and froze the logo to accessok his walletd turns out he has 22 bit coins now. they're about kook$1100. thatko makes for about iòl so i'm trying to figure out what
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sign a college kid could hang up that i would sendçó him $1000 a there is none.çó >> it is the giving çóseason. >> we need a code, christina. >> i think so. give and we're getting into a cold snap into the next coupleñi days. if you have heavy winter coat it will be cold enough for those on the streets to suffer from hypothermia. this morning is mild in comparison to where we're headed. as it comes w3through, the cold air trails behind this front and it will keep the temperatures in the 50s. so make sure you bundle up. when the sun is out in full force later on, t(it will be co and breezy making it feel even here is our weather maker. very rarely do we get satellite
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imagery that is so clear to read. youu can see this front sweepi through northern california right now. likee1 i said before we're stil on the mild side of this front. we could see some shower activity that we're picking up in the higher f'2óelevations. you see all of these spotty çfront. it is an indication of an extremely cold air mass. as that jet stream stays right on top of us we will keep that storm window open through the weekend whiche1 means valley lel snowfall. winds will continue to be a factor. i want to show you your forecast. this is what we're expecting. look at this, wednesday, 50 as the high, 34 overnight. the showers on saturday and monday, look our overnight lows it will bejf cold enough t get snow flurries on the valleyr floor. i'm talking about the silicon ?
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valley. it's colde1 and it's not even winter just yet. >> yeah, you talked about thee1 there, we have misted and fog that!u settled overnight. it's enough to trigger this road weather index. you see this green around the area as well, there may be damp road ways. so keep that in mind. just as you're taking this offramps especially. we havejf a crash on south 680,e have not seen any slowing traffic through the area. starting to pick up volume. soe1
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see a pretty heavy amount of traffic. getting to thee1 toll plaza, we have that crash clearing from that center divider between lanes four and five. the volume showing speeds coming down just below the speed w3lim. once you get through there you're okay to cross through there. we'll take a live look overfá there toward the foster citye1 side. and you seee1 a jfsparselyw3 pod westbound right now. the 101i] through palo alto, an the taillih8+m side. and a quick look out e1here, th bay bridge toll pla zaz, all of the wayt( around, we're pickingp the volume, butxd no problems.jf back to you guys. >> thank you, it is 5:19, news about a deadly train derailment.
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investigators say the trainewsj going more than 50 miles per hour over the track speed limit but they're not sure why. it was traveling 82 miles per hour when it hit a curve and overturned killing four lppeopl. the speedlimit on that curve was just 30. une brakes work, but theyfá wer only engaged five seconds before experts are looking at two black boxes recoveredfá and at thejf engineers cell phone to see if he was using xdit. the engineer claims the brakesw were not working. a man stabbed a student at thet( southern campus. he says the student was cut in the neck by an unknownfá attack. students received e-mails and text alerts warning them about the expect. he has not been arrested or found. injuries and is expected to be
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okay. >> there is new controversy in sacramento over a new billboard campaign. capitol. there arew3 55 in all and they 1 part of a campaign for free from religion foundation.jf they are conveying the message that aitiests canw3 be good mor people and it's okay to be an aitiest atq christmas time. they say it's a good way to remind the fitful to be e1a lig to others. a kayaker called for rescue after suffering dehydration and +ak coast guard helicopter drod in and pulled the man to safety. >> it's 5:21, we'll tell you 6"uáhr'
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good tuesdaye1 morning giving y a live look outside. not here, but in duluth, minnesota where a winter storm warning is in effect. we're going toe@sget a little freeze snap of our own coming our way.q it's going to get cold around here. it is 5:24 right now. an embarrassinge1çó i]mistake c back to haunt the post office.e1 theçó artist 9&pok suing for co right infringement. it was supposed toe1 be based o lady liberty, but listen to this -- the postal service based
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it on the statute outside of the new xdyork-new york hotel and casinot( in las vegas. version. the complaint filed by theñi artistçó whençó the post office alerted they pushed forward any way -- >> would you stand out there and sketch something in las vegas or ellis island. newok parents are going old school when choosing their baby names. >> the list of most popular names is out. baby says the top aiden which led the list for the lastxd eighti] years.
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noah. when it's girls, it'si] sofia, emma, olivia, and isabellaíu4' let's check in with our own christina. another beautiful name. ím thank you very much. temperatures are looking good out there right now.i] it'sxd not that cold just yet, t i want to showçó you showers on the radar this morning. not expecting much, not en enou to the get theç($ighways slick, but you may need to use your wipers a few times. it is packing really strong wind and we're talking about the coldest air of the season on the way as we head throughout thei] day today. your temperatures right now in the 50s, and that's where we're going to stay. climbingxd from the low 50s to e upper 50s. let's check your driveq and say
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good morning to mike. the shoes north 101. the map of the south bay shows you a smooth flow ofe1e1 traffi. the green highlightinge1w3 arou the area. our road weather index is picking up the fact that there may be damp roads, keep thatñi mcn9ñ we'll update the crash is now over on the shoulder, back to you guys. >> the federalçó government takg on the issue of drones. the new move it's making to try to regulate the use. acgh!ayçó area transgender t after an attack on campus.
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in the next hour or so the search will resume for a san josee1 businessman and his fami that disappeared in a plane over the state of idaho. a push for a district to the
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teen shot andt( killed by a sheriff'slp deputy. the decision that could get things started. a potent cold frontxd comin into the bay area and bringing in showers thise1e1 mu]ming. we'll tell you where these are headed, how long they'll last, and when we will see a hard freeze. coldest air ofe1th$u$e season s far.< rñ those winds of change g ouru cameras around a bit. more of a concern, two incidents on two bay areaxd bridges. outside this morning. look at those winds. a windy tuesday morning, december 3rd, this is "today in the bay." from nbc9ye1 area, this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. >> the desperate search for a missing san jose family is ramping up this:lañ morning. their small plane vanishede1 whe
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ying over idaho. they originally began their trip injf san jose and that's where are this morning. he flew his single engine beach bonanza aircraft. he wasfá flying sunday afternoo with four members of his family including his son. they took=. off from bakers e1c oregon. around 3:30 hejf radioed in tha his engine failed and thatfá he need needed kor d need needed a location of a grass strip.
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they're ám(uár'g the area byjf chopper and plane. it'sok a little town called yelw pine. smith is the lpceo of cordless of a hardware and t(software company called serial tech. he is one of the safest pilots i know. and i'm a pilot fámuóq&f,ok and just really appreciate somebody that takes as much caree1q as h does. the search by plane and chopper willt( resume once the n comes up. idaho i believe is about an hour ahead of e1us, that could be an moment now. one thing thate1 is not going i the favor of the search, they have been looking since e1sunda is the fact that there has been snow and a low cloudc ceiling.
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live here in san jose. a transgender student speaking out afterw3 being bullc and harassed days before a fight. shee1 described that experienceo the schoolboard. the video shows her and three other teoalee1 students fightin at lunch on novembere1 15thxd. the e116-year-old telling the school she snapped after one of the girls through gum in her face. >> just because you're different you get picked on, name calling, bullied, taunted, harassed, all of those. gutierrez says shelp tried get help from the vice principal (tf o administratore1 did not know th full extent of the bullying. another meeting is scheduled for january 29th. w35:33, another school
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district is meeting this afternoon to updatejf it's policies to prevent bullying on campus. they create clearer and stronger procedures for handling jn1d discrimantory. today's meeting"rts at 2:00 at the district office at church hill avenue, and it is open toe the public. supervisors are supportingq in new task force.e1 they will recommend a process nebs year for a citizen's review of officer involved shootings. we're live in santafáe1 rosa th morning, christie, we hear thei1 considering naming a park after1 lopez. >> yes,e1 supporters have been
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pushing for a markok inçó that d where the 13-year-old was shotñ and ñikilled. some planted trees, toys, flowers, candles, but they really want to make this official. some are expected here later this morning. they think it would be ai] good first step. now as you may recall there was a number of protests in the days and weekse1 following the shootg of lopez on ae1 vacant lot. lopez was carrying a fake gun and he was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in october. the officerok reportedly though iti] was a real assault rifle. the board of supervisors is going to look into a number of issues today. right now a grand jury decides whether theree1 is prooffáok be
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reasonable doubt. they will look into planning and financing for a park. many demonstrators say they want that deputye1 prosecuted. live in santa rosa. let's check thewo/ weatherh good morning, i'm constantly checking the computer models because the storm system is coming through and bringing light ñ1jy but it'sw3 really going to bring cold air, almost unbelievable howxd cold it will get after it's been so middle out here for the past couple days. right now we're mostly in thet( 50s,ñr san francisco getting a shake to the camera here and that's because the kind is picking up and it will continue to doe1 so today. make sure you're ready for okth. we want to make sure you're time outdoors today. we're going to seeok very,tpáer
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strong windspeeds. they're cranking in the northe1 bay. more to 35 and 40 miles per hour. we want to show you the south bay. these winds will pick up down here as well.e1 we go to about 10:00 a.m. to noon today. lows in the 50s, highs in the 50s, e1climbing. if you want to find out where we might get valley level snowfall, take a check of the forecast. >> looking over here to the bridge with the taillights, mor] of them now. traffic is moving smoothly toward the peninsula side. approaching to the toll plaza still reports of the car up on cement there. now we have -- theyçó just clos the three left lanes. there will be a backçó up from e
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hayward side to the bridge for a few minutes. 10 to 15 minutes until they can clear all of those lanes back up again. about threew3 lanes there should not be a problem, fasttrack still sounds like a good option there as weml. a smooth drive forlu$e pay bridge. theokq bay bridge tole plaza is starting for the it's a lanes. it has cleared from the road way. that's better news there. in the north bay, a smoothoç tw of traffic. you have some clouding down and picking up on our sensors through santa rosa an into the 37 interchange. >> thank you. >> psa coming up with a way toi deal withçó drones. plusçó how this photo with
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 star tom brady got two people fired.
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welcome back this morning. choosing six new test sites for drones. it comes as amazon announces plans to have drones delivere1 packages to kmeecustomers doors. california is one of 24 states out there that want them to test the droens for a variety of different lpreasons.t( they want to use it for delivery, but there is a number of other things these drones can do and among these 24 states, the faa is going to pick six of
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them for test sites. in california there is four applications to become test sites to use these drones. california state university in fresno, and the incomes."asa center there in california. all of them trying to jump into this right now. the faa only has one commercial license out there for a drone that flies over the arctic, and they're mostly usedok for publi reasons, law enforcement, wild fires that we see out west. they are used toe1 oversee the containment of those fires. ing their use, coming up with regulations next year for possible first commerciale1 usef these drones on a widespread basis in 2015. autopsy results could comet in as early as today in the death of hollywood actor paul walker. this has fans and his costars
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continue to visit thee1 site of thefá deadly e+qash. >> all of the love that you have shown paul wille1 stay with me nr(t&hác thank you for coming down here and showinge1 that angel in hean how much you appreciated him. >> that was vinxd diesel speaki to fans near the light pole wheree1 thate1e1 porsche crashe1 burned. the driver was also killed on impact. a woman thatted to be rescued afterxd she fell betwee an 18 inch space. the 28-year-old womant( fell 25
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feet between thefá two building. she told them she was trying to jump from one roof to the other, she did not say why. she was seen speaking to e1 firefighters and appeared today be alert. they put her on ajf stretcher a she was lowered to the ground. joe williamsok says he and another employee were works at reliant stadium in houston when they posed for a quick picture with brady on sunday. the two were almost fired immediately. but he says it's not the first time he posed with anfálp athle making their way through the venu venue. the sideline experievm was over, the game was over, and i was congratulating the winning team. there have been times before when i took pictures with other people, that were not tom t(bra, and it was perfectlyçó okay.
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wasn't. contemporary services says it i& strictly against csc policy for employees to question photos or autographs from players. they will terminate the employees thatw3 violated this policy. you can p ask fort( kristin ♪çfá you know what, they'rej ,till doing the safeway food drive. it's very easy. bags just $10 and you can give a  to ae1 family thisñi holiday season. our camera is shakingñi a bit a ÷-it will be pretty fierce for . three or four hours e1here. it depends on where you live that will dictate when the winds start to pick up. we have realtime dopplerfá rada
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to show you. but any sort of weather events that are happeningq on your morning dive, we want to make sure you're aware. the jetstream is dropping and that will usher in cold air. we want toe1 give you an idea o the temperature spread we have today. in san francisco we're only expectinge1 to climb into the 5. 3 add about five or eight degrees and that's where we're headed throughout the day today. otherwise our big weather story is the cold snap that will be with us for most of the week.q thate1 means temperatures will drop into thee1ñilp 25 to 32ee g i -- freezing range. we will be tracking temperatures as they continue to drop. the coolest point of the day is typically just after sunrise and that looks likew3 the case for
5:47 am
wednesday and thursday morning after this frontw3 comes throug. overall we have more interesting weather to tell you about. this is your north bay seven day own local seven day at the bottom of the screen. showers are coming through in the morning and we could see low snow. our temperatures at that point will be right aroundxd freezing. make sure youq bundle upxd yourf and the little  sones. good morning, e1christina. more folks hitting the road. this is thee1 traffic tuesday tt we're expecting. a lott( of folks took much of t week off. so folks back to work, backw3 t school. as you go south, let's look at the traffic flow. we see the"een on the map. that's where there is a chance for some damp roadways, slick conditions around those corners,
5:48 am
so keep that in mind. fog and low e1clouds. north 101 shows a typical burtj that we see just before 6:00. south 680 right before 237 that we see beñ before 6:00. causelp slowing on the 237 prop÷ but no big deal right now. thatritjt news and we will through the area. all ofñi those folks countying down through 680. 580 coming through, and it's holding up really nicely, not a major problem.e1e1 i expectedlp aq heavier flow of traffic. they movee1 smoothly as well. no problem down the east shore freeway, but showing just paste that curve, fast track still in advance. 101 here in palo alto, speeds
5:49 am
are at the limit for the 101 and the e1280. no problems, guys, not right now, just some company. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it isfá 5:49. people that had to move out of their treasure island homes will meet today to talk about their options. people in 24 hoyíholds on the island were told they have to get out so the navy can clean up buried chemicals. they said despite the chemicals it has and always has been safe to live in theok units.q the worke1ñi is part of the ong efforts tot( clean up the islan. right now there are no laws about whether or not you can usç an e cigarette. today counsel members will consider an ordinance to include those electronic cigarettes in smoking i]regulations.
5:50 am
a similar proposal is being done the toughest smoking lawsçó already okexist. today a city counsel could give the final goq aheadq for sunnyville's newest megaproject in is whatçó moffit place would look like. it could account for more than 1.75 million square feet. the site not far from çómoffit towers. >> those with airportçóxd anxier airport anxiety, fear not. officials have an announcement that could make your next trip better at the star. the airport is going to sbremt a yearly program calledok wag brigade. soon all of the lines will include cuteçó little dogs.
5:51 am
they will visit the terminals to provide stress relief. they will be wearing vests that say "pet me." calm everyoneokxd down and g the blood pressure down. >> one bigok hotel chain is getting ready to ipo. morning coming up.
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welcome back, everyone.
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good tuesday morning to you.e1 this is aq live look outside in duluthlhlinnesota this morning. a winter storm warning in effect. christina has a look at the dropping temperatures when and where, we'll check in with herw >> i believe minnesotans call that tuesday. a judge is ruling to allow in detroit's bankruptcy is able to proceed. if it is approved, they will work on a plan to readjust more thanfáxd $18 billion in debt. if not they have to reach and agreement with creditors outside oft( court. of õkppe( detroit has to prove they can't pay their dealt. hill ton is planning the bigges(
5:55 am
ipo in stock history. they want to raise $2.4 billion when they debut on the market.ñr they will use about half of that money to pay off debt. they starsá meeting with investors tomorrow and they will set the price for the ipo on december 12th after the markets close. speaking of the markets, the stocks opened probably down this morning. futures calling for a lower opening. investors cautious pending mixed news about the starte1 of the holiday season. >> christina loren, we keepe1 going to get around here. >> very cold. good morning to you, i know the cold has notq settled in just yet, but it xdwill. that cold front is working it's way into the bay area right now, but we'ree1e1 still on the warme of it. if you know about weather, you know the coldest air trails
5:56 am
behind that front. we're only going to endjf up in the mid to upper 50s mcter on today, climbing by five to eight degrees. so it feels rather middle, bld, for a cold and blustery start. it could do serious damagñl to people ine1 the agricultural business. that is all coming up in thee1 á 6:00 hour. let's talk to mike and noah about your drive. >>w3 i was wrong, they didn't wt at all. all of these lanes filled in in the last 4:00 minutes. look howe1 quickly that filled . wee1 knew there was gusts over e bridge. there is the back upt( all lean.
5:57 am
we got good volume and still close to the upper 50e1s.e1 60 miles per hour throughçó thi o no problem, but you have that shake of the camera again. thank you much. how the generousty of strangers is helping at( college student fund his tuition. >> the new images we just receivede1 of a puppy rescue fr a pipe. >> we continue to follow breaking e1news. an eight alarm fire in boston overnight.
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>> why a fire chief made the call to pull off of theçó firefighters out of a burning building. a decision just hours away for the santa r)kp city counsel. >> live for the on going search for a south bay family on a small plane that vanished midnight. and a cool front moving into the 3 will be just asi] let you know when the frost settles in and when we could see a hard freezeñró[ in the area.q the bayxdññiçó brej, the wind a tire, it's all coming ñiup. >> a live look outside atçó san francisco, tuesday, december third, and thisok is today in t bay.çó


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